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The acknowledgement and celebration of 125 years of The Thacher School. The celebration spans the entire year and includes the launching of CdePedia, small get-togethers on or around the 125th day of the year, prose and poetry of 125 words or characters, and special acknowledgment during regular annual events.

125th Gatherings (a few of them)


125th in Carmel Valley, California. Left to right: Olivia de Polo ’18, Marian Huntington Schinske CdeP 1982, Julie Huntington de Polo CdeP 1986, and Liz Huntington CdeP 1984


Clarke & Alice Thacher, parents of Sara CdeP 2000, toast The Thacher School's 125th.


Front row left to right: Madeleine Ignon CdeP 2005, Charlie Bennett CdeP 2005, Jennie Tucker CdeP 2004
Back row left to right: Kelly Percival CdeP 2004, Elizabeth Carlitz CdeP 2004, Kaitlin Walter CdeP 2005


Marco Hernandez CdeP 2011 and Katie Taylor CdeP 2011 in Colorado.


Curtis Woodman CdeP 1978, Scott LeFevre CdeP 1975, Tom Lloyd-Butler CdeP 1978, and Susan Toland.


Faculty storytelling celebration party, hosted by David and Phyllis Johnston.


Lee Wittlinger's CdeP 2001 pre-wedding party.

125th Poetry and Prose

125 Words (more or less)

Random Memories of an Upper Schooler - Timothy T. A. Sodd CdeP 1955

Jack Huyler: "rules of punctuation"
Colleges: Stanford or bust
Keith Vosburg: scholar
Coed: jackpot
Donald McDougall: gentle thespian
55th Reunion: memories
Jesse Kahle: a legend
Outdoor Chapel: God's front porch
Assembly: "old school protocol"
Rough house: better times
Smoke Shack: disaster
Lee Quong: family
Academics: excellence
Outdoor Committee: absolute power
Tennis: perennial champions
Camping: Sespe swimming
Senior Trip: stranded on Santa Cruz Island
Gymkhana: tilting
Nordhoff: "townies"
"Bit and Spur": B Camper
Upper School: fire places
Dining Room : "lazy susan"
Trails: 20 miles per week
Friend: Sammy Lyons
Anson Thacher: Algebra II debacle
Oranges: Casa de Piedra ranch
Pergola: coat hooks
Desserts: Mr. Potts and Lazarus
Horses: amigos

Untitled - Kenyon Phillips CdeP 1994

When I remember my years at Thacher, the first thing that comes to mind is the music that we listened to in the dorms. Vanilla Ice. Biz Markie. The Dead. Prince. Talking Heads. U2. James Brown. Steel Pulse. Naughty By Nature. The KLF. Body Count. Depeche Mode. The Allman Brothers Band. Dre. Snoop. Fishbone.

Then I start thinking about things like work crew. And morning jobs. And check-in. And Saturday morning room inspections. And the Lower Soccer Field during “nine-thirty to tens.” If you were lucky, the night watchman didn’t catch you. He caught me a couple of times, and then we became friends.

In other words, the little things. And all those little things start to add up, and they become the big things.

125 years of Lessons in Life - Bob Gardner CdeP 1960

Sherman Thacher. Newt Chase. Anson Thacher. Bill McCaskey. Charlie Beck. David Lavender. Fred Lamb. Jack Huyler. Pete Hermes. Bob Chesley. Marvin Shagam. Tom May. Donald McDougall. Mac Halsey. Bob Miller. Al Reiff. Jess Kahle. Michael Ehrhardt. Gui Ignon. Muz. Bill Wyman. Mully and Joy. No better teachers or finer people have ever appeared on this planet. And always remember: We didn’t go to high school or prep school or boarding school or private school or secondary school. We went to Thacher.

Untitled - Agnes Bourne

(and more to come)
Thacher A to Z
(just a beginning)-- Agnes Bourne: daughter, sister, cousin, mother, aunt, grandmother, friend of Thacher students

Untitled - Agnes Bourne

Able, Accurate, Alert, Aligned, Alive
Bright, Beautiful, Bounteous, Big, Boisterous
Careful, Complete, Curious, Confident, Creative
Dear, Dedicated, Daring, Designed, Diligent
Effective, Eager, Elegant, Engaging, Enlivened
Flexible, Feeling, Free, Fast, Fresh
Great, Giving, Generous, Grateful, Good
Happy, Honest, Helpful, Healthy, Humble
Incredible, Irresistible, Irreverent, interested, Inclusive
Joyful, Jovial, Jazzy, Just, Jolly
Kind, Kindled, Keynote, Kindred, Kissed
Loving, Longing, Lucky, Listening, Looking
Mindful, Majestic, Multicultural, Memorable, Mixed
Natural, Nurturing, Notable, New, Nimble
Outstanding, Original, Outrageous, Optimistic, Open
Perfect, Pretty, Pure, Precious, Precise
Quick, Quality, Quiet, Questioning, Quintessential
Relevant, Realistic, Reliable, Remarkable, Resilient
Serious, Sensitive, Sincere, Spiritual, Spontaneous
Tops, Trustworthy, True, Talented, Tolerant
Unstoppable, United, Uninhibited, Useful, Unexpected
Vast, Varied, Versatile, Vibrant, Visible
Willing, Wild, Wonderful, Wishful, Welcoming
Young, yearning, yielding, Yummy, Yada-Yada
Zingy, Zippy, Zen, Zesty, Z-Place

I Am From - Eve Stacey CdeP 1983

I am from Domine, salvum fac
Voices united, closing each day
Shagum’s geo game, Robbie’s philosophy debates
Dinner a poor cousin to Thacher’s now buffet

I am from the sweat, determination as Thacher’s first girl to climb Langley
Weakest tennis player, watching Lamb’s pointy red felt hat
Did history grade suffer from feeble court showing?

I am from the peace of the valley
Soft-setting light married with smell of orange blossoms

Prodding math-partner Derick out of procrastination at the SUB
Erasing “P” on my books he changed from “T” in STACEY

I am from medieval acapella madrigals
With me in music that plays today

I am connected and confident
Honor, fairness, kindness & truth
I am from Thacher

OPEN - Phoebe Driscoll

(grandmother of Charlotte Driscoll ‘16)

OPEN to the sky
OPEN to the earth
OPEN to the flower blowing freely in the breeze
OPEN to the understanding in your horse's eye
OPEN to the alarm in in your horse's eye
OPEN to thinking in a different way
OPEN to moving on from mistakes
OPEN to retooling from failure
OPEN to resisting anger
OPEN to rejecting war
OPEN to choosing peace
OPEN to joy
OPEN to the hearts of others

"The flower blowing freely in the breeze" comes from a native American saying.

Secundus Fortuna - Charlie Woodhams CdeP 1965

125 years of Thacher; that number reminds me of lessons learned

in Jack Huyler’s English class when he handed back
the Jumble Paragraph quiz papers. I thought I knew
punctuation until I looked at my grade: -125. I never heard

of a grade below zero. He went over it in class. Some chose

to read their mail; some to listen, I among them
focusing on the blackboard and not my -125.
Next class he gave us the same Jumble Paragraph quiz.
Truth be told the number I most fondly recall was
my grade on the makeup: 100 A+ and under it
Jack wrote: "Thataway Charlie".

Listening, Courage, Perseverance, Honor, Trust:
values nurtured at Thacher which served me well then
and have ever since.

Untitled - Josh Rosenblatt CdeP 1976

The Thacher experience teaches that interpersonal relations - being kind and fair – are no less important with strangers than they are with loved ones, that as much insight can be gained with an animal outdoors as in a classroom, and that one’s own potential is always more expansive than any of us believe. My time in Ojai was like none I had ever had or have had since.

Thacher Rising - Thayne Whipple

(father of Sage Whipple ’14)

From a distant ridge,
The future now appears suddenly;
Carried on proven hooves and strong backs.

Stirring dust around them,
They arrive hesitantly and perhaps unsure;
But with the courage to rise to any challenge.

Encircled by love,
And the wisdom of the ages;
Fallen riders rise again in glory.

Time and trials flee,
As the thunder of the herd passes swiftly;
On to mountaintops and pastures unknown.

Armed with honor and integrity,
Imbued with fairness and curiosity;
Each wave of fresh riders, undaunted, nourish distant shores.

Entering each new day,
Horse and rider take wing;
Soaring through clouds of splendor to unseen heights.

And as a distant dream unfolds,
The past becomes the future once again;
And memories of greatness ride to lofty peaks above.

Barranca - Bill Rubenstein CdeP 1974

what was that rumble
haunting you that night
that rainy night when you were new?

stone marks birth,
stone marks death
matilijah poppies without regret
scotch broom blossoming
sweeping out the air, your personal masseur.

but wait, that stone: it walked
not when you were looking
it only gets the fever on in flood,
when you were “occupied with important things.”

but now, “better than we are”
we dare return
so time to walk
alone, tonight: to the barranca.
dare to scare a puma,
alligator lizard, the stars!

nothing can happen, not now.

anyway, it’s drought tonight
and who cares about all that
when feet, star-frightened, hesitate
and staring at you everywhere and always
the walking stone, the stones that step?

Memories - Ken Jacobs CdeP 1968

Having two horses die
The Rough House
Friday night sing-a-longs
The smell of barns during a long storm
Being Arthur Ashes’ ball boy
Mystery meat
Hoping to meet a girl some day
Ojai sunsets
Numbers for the last dessert
Learning stagecraft from Karl Malden
Singing grace in Latin
Swimming my horse in the Sespe
Wolfman Jack on Mexiccan airwaves
Using my brain and creativity
The night of the bombs
David Twichell and Integrity
Appreciating it all so much later
I hear “the walker” ringing…

Thacher in Essence - William “Bill” Floyd Lieurance Jr. CdeP 1960

September 1956: One lonely, naïve, uncertain, immature boy arrives in Ojai: then
Horses, challenge, opportunities, leadership, responsibility, guidance, friendship, intellectual exposure, failures, victories, hardship, exertion, reality, competition, participation, caring, and concern
May 1960: One confident, balanced, prepared youth departing Ojai, facing life to do his best until the best he can do is all done.

Rocket! - Don Porter CdeP 1962

Heart of lightning burst
My stirrupped heels
With blast, at last,
Jess’s Rocket was ahoof!

This big flack stud pranced and
Danced to Whale Rock meadow,
Threw me to mud nose-first
And laughed that snort of fn.

No matter; tall green grass
Stalked us both, mount
And rider, run amok,
Midst perfumed profusions.

Si monumentum requires,
Circumspice. Circumspice!
Each knew new wonder,
Every angled blue,

And red, and sweeter
Yet was violet, too.
To forget? I will not, am
Yellow green with envy.

Some would mudder, but
I would push each cilium
Into copper-watered earth
And wish for more.

I would! And wonder
Where was more, with
Steaming oats remains,
Speaking, “More Barns, sir!”

A day too short of
Hours. Would you think
Me daft to wish for
Those ferments forever?

Untitled - Suzanne O’Neal

(mother of Rose ONeal ’17)

The young arrive and their elders cheer
For it is those before that know what is dear
The beauty around inspires young minds
Frolicking horses hoping their friendship too binds
Motivation abounds from class to class
With wit, wisdom and the incentive to pass
Impressive so many years have gone by
With memories and pride that makes us all sigh
Congratulations in order to all who enroll here
The halls of dear Thacher resounds with good cheer
Always ready to cultivate each year’s new crew
To channel and push them to get each one through
Hi hip hurray for this glorious school
and the owners and faculty who give us this tool

Soccer Practice - Sam Wright CdeP 1948

It had rained all that week so at night in my room in the Upper School I could hear the rocks moving in the barranca but two days later the water level had dropped so we could pick our way across without my worrying about the horse’s legs.

Soccer practice that day was under a leaden grey November sky and toward 5 o’clock the gathering dusk was mixed with more rain clouds.

It was cold on the way back, but by the upper canyon we passed through a pocket of warm air that smelled faintly of sycamore and greasewood. I was riding him with only a saddle blanket and I felt his pace quicken as we headed back toward the barn.

125 Character (give or take)

Sharon Karlsberg CdeP 1992 - Dinner at the Robinson's home for Upper School prefects. What a treat to have Peter cook for us!

Eugene and Cheryl Rooke (parents of Stephen Rooke CdeP 2004) - Marvin Shagam's summer postcards to Stephen.

Nicholas Lefferts (past faculty) - I loved eating at Ruben's Burritos with Chuck Warren!

Sol and Christine Varon (parents of Alex Varon CdeP 2017) - We would like to thank Aaron Snyder for the remarkable teaching and mentorship in Latin and life. Happy New Year, The Varon Family

Peter Martin CdeP 1977 - In honor of Peter and Bonnie Robinson, for their high standards and devotion to their students.

Mark Holman CdeP 1986 - Riding on the Thacher bus with Marvin Shagam at the helm makes every trip down Dennison Grade memorable!

Jill Komura CdeP 1980 - Fond memories of sitting by the fire in Fred Lamb's living room during Film History class, enjoying rhubarb pie....

DJ Sigband CdeP 1995 - As a recent alum, driving a Thacher van with Wolfgang Weber and Marvin Shagam to Baja with students at the time including Kip Donath. International travel with Marvin was always a blast! And who knew that he could surf as well as Graham and Kip Donath!

Emily Jordan CdeP 2012 - Playing two one one lacrosse with Mr. Mulligan and one of my best friends in the early mornings of my senior spring. Mully found it essential that we understand how to chant like Native Americans in order to honor the sport's heritage.

James Allison CdeP 2006 - Mr. and Mrs. Hooper inspired me to be my best academically. Loving and kind, they embodied my Thacher experience.

Thank you Derf for teaching me to run. - Ian Boneysteele CdeP 2006

Richard Livermore CdeP 1964 - Jack​ Huyler​'s influence on me was all positive: English, singing, animal husbandry, and his appreciation of life, family, friendship and Thacher were so contagious. His spirit will always be with me.

Victor Wykoff CdeP 1988 - Noah Wyle '89 saving the game ball for me after I pitched for the win at Cate. Nice gesture!

Rebekah McFarland CdeP 2005 - Mr. Warren: Hey! You! Want to learn to play polo? Me: Wait, like the fancy t-shirt? Mr. Warren: Sure! Close enough. Me: Awesome!

Kasiana McLenaghan CdeP 2004 - Mr. Robinson's gourmet dinners. The food, like the conversation, both rich and subtle.

Victoria Lowe CdeP 2008 - Thank you Gallia Vickery for you belief in the union between academia and dance.

Jedidiah Harris CdeP 2007 - I honor Mr. Shagam. Mentor. Confidant. Inspiration.

Andrew Pollet CdeP 2009 - Shout out to Mr. Marvin H. Shagam, changed my Thacher experience in the greatest ways possible. From Latin for three years to Economics and current affairs, every class was an amazing experience. Thank you for everything.

Leandra Cooper CdeP 2009 - Tribute to Liz Mahoney!

Robbie Yeagle CdeP 2011 - John Lin telling us to think of him as a life coach rather than an English teacher.

Alex Min CdeP 2007 - Mr. Meyer for helping me become who I am today, showing me anything is possible if I give it my all!

Tabitha Sullivan CdeP 2012 - Ms. Vick and all the wonderful memories made in dance ensemble.

Erica Puccetti CdeP 2006 - Mr. & Mrs. Perry - Thank you for inspiring me to teach.

Jack Sligh CdeP 2011 - Camping in a downpour at Pt Reyes with Mr Meyer - best EDT ever.

Sebastian Schell CdeP 2010 - Yo, Thacher is a very special place, I say this, and my mom says this also. I still think of myself a Thacher student. I have so many awesome memories of my time a Thacher, it would be impossible to describe them all (it would just take sooo long).

Javier Quiroz CdeP 2010 - I'll always remember the days spent at Golden Trout Camp. The late night campfire stories and all the fantastic alumni I crossed paths with during my time there. Thank you Nick Tranmer and Cameron Spaulding. I will forever treasure all you shared with me.

Max Hoffman CdeP 2010 - Horse poop

Madeleine Sowash CdeP 2008 - PRob

Logan Meyer CdeP 1987 - Jack Huyler

Evan Werlin CdeP 2004 - Missing the pink moment and granola in the cafeteria after check-in.

Kendra Carter CdeP 2009 - Riding over the ridge in 3 feet of snow with freshmen on their first horse packing trip.

Marshall Gifford CdeP 2012 - Shutdown Cate's attack for the last two minutes of the game and then WHWIII scores the game winning goal in overtime, on a sunny spring afternoon to clinch the Condor League Championship.

Grace Bueti Malloy CdeP 2004 - Wish I could remember- but I just can't stop thinking about those lawns! 'Till a few under and respect the drought!

Marco Hernandez CdeP 2011 - Knowing I can count on the most amazing faculty, advisors, friends, and family in the world #CdePride

John Eastburn CdeP 2008 - Nothing beats horse camping in the Sespe

Bradley Callander CdeP 2013 - Jeff Hooper, best coach I've ever had.

Lauren Bosche CdeP 2010 - Jack Huyler, on my silver dollar pick up attempts: "Sometimes the horse is too tall, and the girl is too small." (He was correct, in the end...)

Olivia Stonehouse CdeP 2011 - Walking out to the gymkhana field with friends are the most magical memories.

Harrison Hoffman CdeP 2008 - Class of 2008.

Brandon Green CdeP 2011 - Coach Mahoney. That is all.

Elena McGahey CdeP 2013 - Eating every single meal on the Pergola during my senior spring. #cdep

Maggie Miller CdeP 2011 - Watching the sunrise from the ridge with a best friend and granola on a early morning hike before class.

Jensen Hodge CdeP 2011 - For all the wisdom, knowledge, and councel that Marvin Shagam has bestowed on me and the rest of the Thacher community.

Timothy Brown CdeP 2008 - Derick Perry

Eloise Callander CdeP 2009 - I am thankful to have been a part of an amazing community, full of genuine individuals with a passion for learning and a goal leaving the world a better place than we found it.

Sarra Maeve Wynn CdeP 2010 - In honor of Mr. Peter Robinson. The teacher who gave me the inspiration, advice, and wit whether solicited or not.

Paule Voevodsky CdeP 2012 - For all the teachers that made my Thacher career so special, and something I think about every day.

Katherine Orrick CdeP 2006 - Ms. Theana Snyder Once Hank to all us oldies coach/teacher supreme

Lesley Sun CdeP 2007 - Hooves thundering down the lanes of the first race on Big Gymkhana Day.

Natalie Camp CdeP 2009 - I always miss the fragrant Ojai orange blossoms this time of year!

Patrick Teague CdeP 2011 - "Patrick, have you ever seen an old man cry? Well it's not a pretty sight, but you'll see it if you don't pick up that silver dollar today." -Uncle Jack, 2007

Casey Mulchay CdeP 2013 - Being able to sing, dance, and act on the stage of the Milligan Center made up the highlights of my Thacher years. Thanks to the performing arts teachers and directors: Gallia Vickery, Sandy Jensen, Liz Witmer, and Gregory Haggard.

Kristen Findley CdeP 2009 - I remember laughing to myself as Mr. Perry told me I was going to run a 5:05 min mile at the Ventura County Championships. And then I did it.

Alice Hyde CdeP 2012 - In the depths of a long east coast winter, I miss the dry, dense heat of approaching summer in Ojai that begins this time of year.

Giovanna Grigsby-Rocca CdeP 2012 - AP Government with Mike McGowan must have been one of the most stimulating, relevant and genuinely entertaining classes I have taken in my academic career.

Marguerite Kissel CdeP 2005 - The words "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst", written on the camping gear shed, continue to resonate with me as I choose how to approach difficult life choices and challenges. They haven't steered me wrong yet!

Jo Min CdeP 2011 - Thacher taught me to love and appreciate tradition. Connecting with Thacher grads is always fun and interesting because we always have shared experiences to talk about.

Lauren Rosenfeld CdeP 2010 - The day Derick Perry made me cry in the old Thacher dining hall. #MyThacherFamily

Haley Everett CdeP 2012 - Every Thacher teacher deserves to be honored. They make Thacher incredible. Only after leaving did I really appreciate everything they do.

Alina Everett CdeP 2008 - A haiku: Quick courtyard crossing "A Farewell to Arms" in hand Pepperberry crunch

Edward Cahill CdeP 2005 - Thacher is why I love the outdoors

Liam Driscoll CdeP 2013 - To the class of 2013, thanks for everything.

Julianna Childs CdeP 2013 - Though I have many memories what I remember most fondly are my relationships with Mr. Fagan, Dr. Delvecchio, Mr. Sohn, and Mrs. Mulligan. They were not my teachers but my temporary parents. They represent equally who I am and who I aspire to be.

T.K. Kim CdeP 2010 - Kurt Meyer is a great man and a mentor of mine.

Leland Franklin CdeP 2004 - In celebration of the amazing Alice and Kurt Meyer. I miss you guys.

Paul Cresanta CdeP 2013 - Utter tranquility: on horseback, pink sunset over the valley, first seen from the chapel, second from the trails, and then from the hills beyond.

Barrett Brown CdeP 2005 - Good people, good times

James Burton CdeP 2007 - The sound of the shooting range as you ride back from a Sunday trail to Brunch

Grady Jacobsen CdeP 2013 - Jack Huyler, thank you so much for everything you have taught me, I will remember you fondly every time I look at my silver dollar.

Will Muir CdeP 2013 - Riding all over the valley senior fall with some of my best buds and having the opportunity to learn from Mr. & Mrs. Schryver.

Paige Bowie CdeP 2012 - Thacher is the best place in the world!!

Clare Holstein CdeP 2004 - The song was correct. I miss the smell of the orange blossoms!

Stephanie Star CdeP 2011 - Thacher taught me that learning means so much more than just school.

Justin Myles CdeP 2013 - In honor of Mr. Swan.

Leo Turpan CdeP 2013 - Swan dives off the high-dive #springtime

Max Pillsbury CdeP 2008 - 2 am wake up in the Sespe, riding through the night to escape the next day's sun. The moon set and we traveled in darkness, seeing only the sparks from hooves striking rocks along the trail.

Matthew Stenovec CdeP 2004 - Learning that a values-driven life is the most rewarding life to live.

Sarah Boneysteel CdeP 2010 - One of my favorite Thacher memories is the long hot run into town, especially when it was a gauntlet of orange blossoms.

Brisha Howe CdeP 2013 - Enjoying the beauty of a trail ride with friends... And then you and your saddle fall over your horse’s face.

Francesca Fataar CdeP 2011 - Ms. Halsey gives and gives, then gives some more, and through her generosity reminds me to draw from my well of gifts I owe.

Tim Reed CdeP 2010 - Sunsets.

Joseph Tobin CdeP 2009 - Sarah DelVecchio: simply awesome.

Joe Bell CdeP 2012 - Juicy oranges in the early spring!

Joe Walton CdeP 2013 - I love everyone!

Will Kirkland CdeP 2012 - In memory of Uncle Jack, Thacher legend. Also, taking the Wheaton trail turns on horseback at 25 miles an hour at sunset with four fellow Toads before Formal Dinner.

Robert Van Horne CdeP 1996 - To the memory of Chuck Warren, a great educator and a great man.

Alexander Farrand CdeP 1955 - I am remembering Michael Ehrhardt due to my choral singing. He was a WONDERFUL music teacher. Remember the "Blonde" bass? I learned on that beast!!

Kelley Collier Janes CdeP 1998 - The meeting of the minds: by the toaster. Toast made for another: from the heart. Fuel: the return to Topa Topa after soccer.

Jonathan Blindermand CdeP 1983 - Mr. Derrick Perry. A friend for life.

Christopher Bonewitz CdeP 2001 - I still think of Mr. Derick Perry teaching The Scarlett Letter from time to time. His moral conviction was awesome.

Katherine Bechtel CdeP 2004 - Chuck Warren taught me, "Have a place for everything and everything in in its place."

Geoffrey Sowash (Parent of Alumni) – In Honor of Peter Robinson.

Richard Look CdeP 1962 - Casa Piedra won't fade from my heart 'til my heart quits its restless tattoo.

Michael Bolduan CdeP 1957 – In Memory of Robert C. Miller

Sigurd Murphy CdeP 1963 - Et exaudi nos in die qua unvocaverimus Te.

David Gal CdeP 2002 - Kurt Meyer/Marvin Shagam: two of the best teachers I've ever had.

James McRynolds CdeP 1962 – In Memory of Jack Huyler.

Scott Sobel CdeP 1975 - EDT to Santa Cruz Island in 1974. Shot a feral pig. Roasted for dinner! Now I'm kosher!

Kristin Berona CdeP 2000 - Derrick Perry inspired me from day one of sophomore English, and I smile just thinking of his laugh ringing across the pergola. Thanks Perry, for all that you do! Maybe when I pay off my student loans I'll donate more =)

Jennifer Nielsen de Forest CdeP 1985 - Mr. Twichell and Mr. Robinson as our softball coaches: "Can of corn, can of corn!"

Norman Rosenblatt CdeP 1949 - My second career is music. I want us all to remember Michael Ehrhardt. Thacher's mid century music guru. Great influence on me.

Winslow Robinson CdeP 1953 - for Newton Chase, who set the tone of the school and who had the difficult duty of telling me that my father had died.

Laurel Peterson CdeP 2002 - For all of my teachers, who engaged, challenged, and supported me in innumerable ways. Thank you.

Canyon Cody CdeP 2001 - Mully helped me pay for SAT training and violin lessons. Never learned to play the instrument, and didn’t do so great on the test, but always appreciate the investment/support.

Stefanie Warren CdeP 1996 - We miss you Mr. (Chuck) Warren. Thank you for the juice, sly grins, and patience. Long live shiny green spandex.

Noah Rifkin CdeP 1975 - For one of the Best! Bonnie Robinson

Robert Shiras CdeP 1974 - Remembering a horse named Dart... we referred to him as the "pushbutton horse".

Ernest May CdeP 1974 - Riding the trails around the school each afternoon.

Leo Turpan CdeP 2013 - Feeding pigs with Mr. Meyer and Mr. Doyle

Frank Nagle CdeP 1963 - In memory of Jack Huyler and Bob Miller.

James Everett CdeP 2002 - For Mr. Warren, who always taught us to prepare for the worst, and then put us through it so that we would appreciate the preparation. His memory will live on in the thousands of students he made stronger.

Ivan Huang CdeP 1992 - I entered Thacher the same year as David Harris (physics). I was incredibly lucky to have him as my mentor.

Eugene Huang CdeP 1990 - Fond memories. Good times.

Alexandra Herbert CdeP 2002 - Liz Mahoney taught me how to inspire a team. Cam and Mike taught me the immense value of consistency and discipline.

N. Thomas Beatty CdeP 1999 – In Memory of George Pratt

Tim Harp CdeP 1984 - The Thacher Experience is something that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

Alexandra Blair CdeP 1998 - Practicing kayak rolls in the swimming pool before kayaking on the ocean-- the confidence in myself I gained and great joy I had.

Katie Prager CdeP 1991 - In memory of George Emeny

Ned Banning CdeP 1974 - Extra gift this year for Trustee Reunion Matching Program.

Mark Holman CdeP 1986 – Poco Breeze taught me that giving of myself is the best I can do.

Shayla Cook CdeP 2003 – Sra Ortiz, Mr. Perry, & Mr. Carter- always challenging me to be better, in all languages, formats, and mediums.

Stephen Mayne CdeP 1959 – This gift brings my total this year to $2,500 in honor of Marvin Shagham who joined the faculty in 1958 at the beginning of my senior year. Our class took such delight in being with him at our 55th Reunion.

Rhea Wong CdeP 1997 – Mrs. Phyllis Johnston

Alexander Marlantes CdeP 2006 – Jockeying for position to join Mr. Shagam's table to compete in his geography challenge for one of his famous steak dinners.

Alexander Ignon (Parent of Alumni) – In honor of Madeleine Ignon CdeP 2005, Suma Cum Laude, Connecticut College 2009

Caroline Montague (Parent of Alumni) – To ALL the remarkable teachers and staff who made my children's experience lifetime influences on their love of learning and character.

John Huyler CdeP 1963 – With a whole lot more gratitude than this symbolic amount indicates..

Maximillian von Wening CdeP 1975 – I am so impressed with Terry Twitchell's persistence. My favorite story was about him and Cricket driving from Flagstaff Arizona to New York City non-stop. It is his "take the bull by the horns" attitude that have brought many of us success today.

Sarah Mayne Brennan CdeP 1993 – Very sad to read of Bill Wyman's passing. I have fond memories of being his advisee and going to a birthday dinner in his vintage Beetle flying over "the dip"!

Stephanie Hubbard McGirt CdeP 2002 – In honor of Chuck Warren, one who made physics fun and everyday felt like an adventure with him.

Elizabeth Pond (Parent of Alumni) – My thanks to Joy and Michael for helping our family through a challenging time!

Edward Koo CdeP 1972 – I wish to honor all the Thacher giants who have passed away recently.

Kern Arnold CdeP 1978 – Let us now praise famous men

Alexander Cameron CdeP 1990 – Too many to note but all precious.

Maximilian Leeds CdeP 2002 – Thacher rules!

Stephen Kong CdeP 1986 – Fred Coleman said to me, "I'll have succeeded as your XC coach if running becomes a life long sport for you." It has, Freddie! This donation's in recognition of you, pal!

William McNabb CdeP 1954 – Jack and Margaret Huyler

Cayce Cover CdeP 2012 – Here's to Dr. Finch--best teacher and friend I could have asked for.

Kelsey McCarty CdeP 1999 – Thanks to Cam, Mike and Rene for the amazing opportunity to get to Patton's cabin over reunion. Relived wonderful memories and made some new ones. Grateful for the time back on a horse and for such a restorative way to connect with old classmates.

Paul Ammons CdeP 2014 – All the memories can’t be contained in this small box.

Patricia Delgadillo (Parent of Alumni) – I feel very blessed that my daughter was able to experience The Thacher School. Our family and friends who visited campus enjoyed its beauty but even more, appreciated everyone's graciousness.

Bonawyn Eison CdeP 2001 – Thank you to everyone who made the sacrifices that afford me the opportunity to do the same. I love you, mom.

Eric Butts CdeP 2001 – Being a part of the Thacher community is an experience unmatched anywhere else.

Anthony Griffin CdeP 1954 – Don McDougal, Michael Ehrhardt

Claire Kendrick CdeP 1999 – The first rush a sea air you get when you crest the ridge crossing from the Sespe to campus.

Stephania Serena CdeP 1985 - Art teacher, Betty Saunders, used to say, "Go to town with color!" I do.

Douglas Blayney CdeP 2003 – Peter Robinson

Selby Van Horne CdeP 1993 - Mr. Robinson had a conversation with me one time and told me I should take my art seriously and to pursue it. He was adamant. I was so touched that he considered this skill set to be a gift and treated art as something much more important than a hobby.

Korzu Taplin CdeP 1996 - Bonnie Robinson…I wish I could visit with her to this day and see her eyes twinkle as she listens and then somehow uncovers some humor in most situations…she was so refreshing! And her husband…well, just an interchangeable unit j/k. incomparable!

Victor Wykoff CdeP 1988 - I still remember Bill Wyman, my advisor for two years, believing in me and encouraging my success.

Adam and Penelope Bianchi (grandparents) - Penelope Brittingham president of her class sophomore year! next year!!!

Melanie Larkins CdeP 1999 - The first EDT to Golden Trout, I got altitude sickness and learned for the first time the loving kindness of the Thacher community that enveloped me and helped me through such difficulty.

Heather Rauch Watkins CdeP 1989 – I always have a great fondness in my heart for the Johnstons, who lent me their kitchen and kept me safe from bears. Thanks!

Paul and Maggie Tucker – When Mike Mulligan and Brian Driscoll came to visit our family in Boston, we knew somehow, that we could comfortably let our son go 3,000 miles from home and they would take good care of him. We will never forget that day!

Alexis MacDonald Bormann CdeP 1998 – I still wear my cowboy boots - even met a random fellow alumnus after he commented them in an elevator!

Paul Gavin CdeP 1971 – Every time I look at a night sky I think of Bob Chesley and his first night astronomy instruction.

Stanley Chiu CdeP 1982 – Chuck Warren

Samuel Lyons CdeP 1955 – I honor my two English teachers, David Lavender and Jack Huyler.

Bret Richmond CdeP 1992 – Keep up the good work Brian Pidduck!

Betsy Bradford CdeP 2002 – Swimming horses in the Sespe on EDT – momentarily terrifying before glorifying.

Prentiss Moore CdeP 1963 - I misplaced the letter about the current campaign, and can't remember the name of the project, but this modest gift is intended for that purpose.

Welsh Strawbridge CdeP 1990 - Thanks '90 Class Rep Chris Z. for the reminder!

Ted Heard CdeP 1983 - In memory of Mr. C​lose and in honor of Mr. Shagam.​